Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Student Interruption 3: Another TA Frat-dare

This one's straight from my Alama Mater, a pledge at the frat PSI U had to profess his love to his TA. No strip tease on this one, though.

Love the flustered reaction at the end. Why no Prof? Anonymous poster on Wesleyan's blog, Wesleying, explains:

Well done.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Bus driver flips out on kids (warning: graphic)

This bus driver flips out on a kid riding his bus for talking back and using foul language. Caught by hidden bus camera, May 17, 2005.


This incident has been discussed at length on many online forums, as always, there's the intelligent (via A Teacher's Viewpoint Blog) and the stupid ...

(from Youtube video comments)

Bus drivers haven't always been the best examples of responsible adults dealing with children. There's...

The preschooler dropped off four miles from home
The drunken bus driver who asked to finish off his route before being charged
The elementary school siblings dropped off at the wrong stop
The bus driver who flipped the president the bird in front of a busload of kids
The bus driver who made black students sit in the back of the bus

The problem? Who knows. Bus drivers are paid less and require less training in dealing with children than teachers. The kids go from teachers who know the consequences of making certain mistakes to bus drivers straight out of their jobs working with sane adults.

At the same time, don't think intense and violent incidents with bus drivers are the norm. I made it through ~12 years of bus riding with only a few drivers swearing at students and one asking "How would you like it if I threw a dead skunk at yo motha?" (to be fair, a student had just thrown a donut hole out of the window of the moving bus). But they'd always give you a smile and a "you're welcome" if you said thanks when you left the bus.

Any other good bus driver stories? Post a comment!